The true worth of our civilisation is not to be found in humans themselves, but in the colours and textures that come alive in others. And being an artist and psychologist I love bringing to life the colors and textures. If I wear a pair of shoes that I bought on a distant planet, it’s a way of bringing back to Earth my travels with me.

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Imagination, Illusions, Fantasies and Dreams

The importance of imagination has been underlined by important thinkers, and by history itself. Clearly, visual and other authoring arts seem impossible without the aforementioned human capability. Scientifically, psychologists would try to explain this characteristic, while neuroscientists would look at which brain areas and/or neural clusters become especially activated during the procedure. Nonetheless, despite supported as well as disproved, scientific theories, the following pictures aim at conveying some of the imagery related to these imagined worlds, regardless of underlying motivations and applicable methodological explanations.

Some pictures, images, graphics, drawings or whatever else refers to artful depictions. Bright colors and flowers used as inspiration. 

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