Montreal Graffiti

Montréal Graffiti

Montreal is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, with many tourist attractions and much more. However, aside from museums and historical sites, there are also less mainstream art in the form of graffiti or wall paintings. At times it is difficult to differentiate between the two, other times not. For example, Montreal, in the area of Foufounes Electriques, a popular dance club downtown, there is a very special backyard where all the buildings are painted sophisticated graffiti style. Even though the style of the paintings is graffiti, they are often done by professionals during the day or in broad daylight. Thus, the following section is an extensive collection of street art, whether it be done by professional artists, marginalized artists or simply something in between. We hope you enjoy Montreal’s colourful underground scenery.


Graffiti is a crime, unless made at the request, or at least the explicit consent of, the owner of the property being painted on. However, even that condition fails to be enough in jurisdictions where graffiti are banned altogether. Still, elsewhere, professional painters are sometimes hired to liven up urban areas. Nonetheless, alternatively, a large part of such wall drawings are clandestine, and associated with disadvantaged neighborhoods and large cities.

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