eating vegetarian in Reykjavík

Eating Vegetarian in Reykjavík

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Eating Vegetarian in Reykjavík

Due to the climate and the resulting difficulties of growing a bounty of vegetables, Icelandic cuisine through the centuries has been mostly animal-protein based. Nowadays, however, there’s a growing number of vegetarians and vegans, especially among the younger generations, and restaurants are responding to the change in diet.

Since the market is still a relatively small one, there are not many restaurants with a completely meat-free restaurants, there are several others that cater to a mixed crowd, with an abundance of vegetarian food but meat options as well. Bistros, casual restaurants and fast food places.

When it comes to fine dining, you probably won’t find any vegetarian/vegan-onoy kitchens but most restaurants in Reykjavík will have vegetarian options on their menu and they’re usually prepared to accommodate special requests, especially when notified in advance.

Mention your dietary preferences when you book the table and you’ll have a lovely meal waiting for you. Most restaurants also have their menus online so check it out if you want to be prepared.

Cafés usually have a range of dairy free options, such as soy or oat milk lattés and if you have a sweet tooth, there are some vegan ice cream stores and others that always have some vegan options.

If you have access to a kitchen, self-catering is an easy and reliable option. Supermarkets in Iceland usually have some range of vegan products, although in the low budget supermarkets, options might be scarce. The vegetable section might also be a little more limited than what you’re used to, due to our northerly location. If you don’t have access to a kitchen, you can find some prepared vegetarian dishes in the supermarkets as well.

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