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The present Website is a community for professional photographers and CGI (computer generated imagery) artists and enthusiasts. In other words, the Website contains galleries of professional black and white photography and other photos transformed using photo-editing and image-editing software. In addition, the Website contains many galleries dedicated to digital art and computer graphics.

All photos and images on the present Website are copyrighted to cyberartist, graphic designer and professional photographer Megan Jorgensen. Megan Jorgensen is a native from Stockholm, Sweden who immigrated to Canada as a child over twenty years ago. In addition to photography art and computer art, Megan Jorgensen studied psychology and thus the Website contains pages of text outlining the most interesting topics in psychology and other themes.

Also, and most importantly, the Website represents a community for photographers, artists and people who enjoy illustrations. Anybody interested in the visual arts is welcome. Also, the images are not in the public domain, but you may use (on the Internet only!) any photo or computer generated image found on magicphotodesign.com (link) as long as you link to our Website.

Also, professional digital artists may find the textures or dimensions sections as good backgrounds for their artistic work. Similarly, edited photographs may be conducive to generate fantasy art content. If this is the case, then we grant you permission to use our content in your creative undertaking, but solely with a mention of our Website (and again this applies solely to use on the Web!). Thus, for each picture that you take from our Website, please kindly include a link to our Website, whether to a particular gallery or to the main page. In contrast, if you fail to do so we well consider that a violation of copyright with all the ensuing consequences.

Further, that being said, we welcome you to our community for all photography and art appreciators. Through the galleries of our Website, you will find collections dedicated to fantasy art, Gothic art, digital art, photography art and science fiction art (sci-fi art). We hope you enjoy wandering through the virtual hallways of our online museum!

Megan Jorgensen and the rest of the magicphotodesign.com team

© 2015 Megan Jorgensen and magicphotodesign.com. All rights reserved. All texts, images and design are the intellectual property of Megan Jorgensen and magicphotodesign.com. Reproduction in part or in whole is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the authors.

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