Grevin Museum

Grévin Montréal Museum

Established on the fifth floor of Montréal’s Eaton Centre, on Sainte-Catherine Street, the Grévin museum is integral to downtown Montréal’s cultural scene.

The museum’s setup was designed by Franco-Québécois experts in the field. Dick Walsh and Julien Bertevas (CDA Production), Moment Factory, Patrice Peyrieras, De Pinxi, Dushow, Europea and many others. With its original décor, ambiance, interactive and sensory experiences, and dozens of wax figures including local and international stars from the past and present, the Grévin gives the public the chance to meet the stars.

Grévin Montréal is accessible to everyone including those with reduced mobility. You’re welcome to use cameras and video recorders inside the Grévin Museum. In fact, the administration encourages you to take photos next to your favourite celebrities on display.

Coordonnées de Grévin Montréal :

705, Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest – bureau 5-104
H3B 4G5
Montréal, Québec

Site Web de Grévin Montréal :

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