Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time

Toronto Bloor-Yorkville Icefest

The 10th annual Icefest held in Village of Yorkville Park, at Cumberland Street & Bellair Street.

The site was transformed into a showcase of incredible ice sculptures. Live ice carving demonstrations were given for the entire family to enjoy. In 2015, Bloor-Yorkville brought the past back to life in ice with a “Frozen in Time” ancient Egyptian-inspired showcase of striking carvings. From King Tut, to two Pharaohs, an Anubis, an Iris with a Clock and Egyptian Gods, crafted from an astonishing 20,000 lbs. of ice.

This is an all ages, family friendly, free. All people had to do was wear warm clothes, and bring a hearty winter spirit, and don’t forget a camera to capture the moments in ice forever!

Here you can find dozen of images of this Frozen in Time Icefest. Enjoy!

The IceFest represents one among many festivals dedicated the visual art form, namely ice carving. Sizes of carved frozen water range from small decorations to entire fashionable Scandinavian resorts. One such opportunity to transform natural raw material into thought provoking ice art is celebrated during the winters of Groenland, a part go the kingdom of Denmark. Indeed, hotels in Scandinavia have been entirely carved of ice. Along similar lines, Quebec and Ontario below zero temperatures remain conducive to inspire this way of producing art.

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