Foresta Lumina

Photographs by Marina Yakovina

Foresta Lumina

A night-illuminated pathway, Foresta Lumina is a multimedia trail that wanders through seven zones of the Gorges of Coaticook Park in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

From the Wish Garden to the Enchanted Riverbank, visitors of the Forest Lumina are encouraged to explore the path at their own pace, and walking through each zone experience takes from 3 to 5 minutes.

Amazing creatures meet visitors in every zone, such as the Creature, a giant feared since the dawn of time, which hides in the forests of North America. Its heartless, bloodthirsty monster’s appetite is never satisfied. Another creation is the Devil. It can take on the form of a distinguished man. The Devil has been seen in the gorge’s forest many times. He stirs up the fires of hell whenever someone refuses his ill-intentioned proposals.

The Gate separates the everydayworld from the imaginary realm. Those who venture through it enter a magical dimension that reveals the secrets of Coaticook’s mystical gorge.

Thunder has always decided the fate of Coaticook residents, creating floods and disruptions in all seasons. Ancient peoples feared that occult forces were exerting their control. As to the Fairies, they have the power to grant wishes. Those who take fairies for mere fireflies should be wary; fairies can also become wicked and blow their victims into an infernal whirlwind.

It is said that dead trees in the forest come back to life at nightfall. The gorge’s eternal tree is kind but amuses itself by playing tricks on passers-by. Finally, the Spirit of the Forest ensures harmony between the gorge’s elements and creatures. Mysterious and elusive, it rarely reveals itself to humans. Ancient peoples appealed to its powers of protection.

Foresta Lumina
Foresta Lumina

Pathway in Foresta Lumina. Photo : Marina Yakovina

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