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Goodwill Letter to Remove Non Payment from the Credit History

Dear Madam, Sir:

I have enjoyed being Creditcarma customer since XXXXXX I have always been a model customer, but on September XX, 2017 I failed to make one credit payment totaling $XXXXX (XXX dollars and XXX cents). The only reason for the delay was that I wrongly assumed that Creditcarma took the payment automatically, and I do apologize for the situation.

As a result, I fell behind on my payments by about 50 days, but I fully paid the sum due of $XXX (XXX dollars and 96 cents) as soon as I received the Creditcarma alert notification. Based on the amount due you can certainly understand that my finances have not been wrecked, as well as my ability to make timely credit card payments.

At this moment I’m shopping for a mortgage for a new house and I’m afraid this late payment of XXX dollars will keep me from getting the best interest rate.

Therefore, I’m kindly requesting a goodwill adjustment since the payments do not reflect my current payment status.

Thank you for your time reading this letter and the consideration you’ve given my situation. I can only assure you that I have not fell behind on my payment in my life before. This is the very first time, and this very important to me.

Once again, I kindly ask you to remove this late payment fee record from my credit history

Thank you.

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