How to Have Beautiful, Long Hair

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How to Have Beautiful, Long Hair

Most of us would like to have luscious, healthy hair. But how to achieve it? The following article gives some simple tips and tricks.

First, hairdressers around the world suggest to trim hair every 3 months. According to this rule, hair should be cut by about an inch regularly, even if you’re trying to grow your hair long. The reason is that split ends can break your hair. Not only is it unsightly, but it can actually prevent your hair from growing below a certain length.

Another simple rule is quite obvious. The hairdresser must be good. Similar to most professions, some people are better than others at their job. So while saving money is an important factor in choosing any product or service, it might be worth to invest a little more and go to a high-end salon. The advice is especially true for those who dye or bleach their hair. Higher-end salons use better and newer products than lower-end ones.

The following is especially true for girls and women who style their hair using a flat iron or a curler. Heat damages hair. Styling with heat must be used sparingly, and if it is unavoidable, it is recommended to use low heat. Usually, curlers are less hot than flat irons. However, companies such as Chi have digitized flat irons that allow you to set your desired heat level.

Another simple tip is to rinse hair with cold water. The experience might be unpleasant, but it “seals” the hair. 

Using conditioner, treatment and restoring serums may also be helpful. Treatments can be done at the salon or at home. The usual recommendation is to use treatments every weak. Great hair treatments and masques can be bought at any salon. Brands such as Kerastase provide different lines according to hair damage and other hair needs. Also, it is helpful to wash hair as seldom as possible and to change shampoos often.

Finally, brushing hair has to be done holding the hair in a way that targets the ends first. Only once the ends are untangled is it safe to run the brush along the full length.

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