Don River Valley

Don River Valley and Crothers Woods

Don River

The Don River is formed from two rivers, the West and the East branches. These branches meet about 4 miles north of Lake Ontario. The river is joined then by a third branch, Taylor-Massey Creek. The area below the confluence is known as the lower Don. The Don River then empties into Lake Ontario, at Toronto Bay. Its total length is of about 38 km.

After the founding of York (Toronto) in 1793, several mills were constructed along the lower Don. One of the first was at Todmorden Mills. By the 1850s, the Lower Don was becoming an industrial setting. Petroleum storage facilities, poultry and pork processing plants were constructed along the banks of the Don. In 1879, the Don Valley Brick Works opened.

Crothers Woods

Crothers Woods is an ecologically sensitive beech and maple forest. These lands have been subject to over use through unregulated and high impact activities, including mountain biking. Efforts are underway to protect this ecologically sensitive area through the construction of natural barriers and development of an education program.

Crothers Woods is a unique ecosystem providing significant wildlife habitat in the heart of Toronto. Restoration efforts allowed to preserve and enhance Crothers Woods for native flora and fauna and all trail users.

Please do your part to reduce the impact on the forest ecosystem so that all trail users can enjoy the forest for years to come.

Get involved: Contact City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation to get involved in trail maintenance and habitat restoration projects. Encourage others to be responsible trail users.

Thank you for helping to preserve the Don Valley and the Crothers Woods for everyone to enjoy.

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