Digital Art

Digital Art

I paint digitally today. In fact, the artistic process in digital art is very much the same as for making classical or traditional painting. The main difference is that digital art can never be a finished piece of art, an artwork to hang on a wall. You can always come back, as an Artistic Terminator, and add some other nuances to any of your digital paintings. Romance of classical art is gone in our digital age, but antiquated art forms, such as handwritten portrait, may take on new importance one day and become greater than ever, as this old art is very personal, deliberate and means more than any software will.

Further, manga is a style of comics originating in Japan, in the same way as anime is an initially Japanese animation genre. Both have gained worldwide popularity.

Interestingly the word anime varies in meanings. Sometimes it narrowly refers to Japanese animation and comics (with related words such as manga, komikku and popular series Naruto), while at other times it means cartoon and comic book style characters and stories, that are dark, close to Gothic, in nature. Despite the indisputable worldwide popularity of the anime genre, there are many other cartoon styles such as machinima (toons made with computer graphics as background art), and popular animated television series such as Family Guy and derivative shows, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, The Lion King (motion picture, full length animated feature) or Star Trek: The Animated Series, to only name a few…

A distinguished comic story turned cartoon is The Smurfs franchise. Also called Schtroumpfs, these mythical beings were created in Belgium by the cartoonist artist Peyo. On July 29, 2011 a collaboration between Columbia Pictures and Sony Animation Pictures presented the 3D movie The Smurfs. Needless to say, it’s a lovely movie… Other famous animated productions come from prestigious cartoons, fantasy and comics names such as Disney, Dream Works Animation, Marvel and DC.

Interestingly, the term Smad Ubiquitin Regulatory FactorS are also abbreviated as SMURFS (Arora & Warrior, 2001). The ligases fulfill important functions in TGF-β functions. Well, aside from the occasional biomedical blogger and the present entry, there are very few connections between Smurfs and neuroscience, so the aforementioned ligases is as close a connection between the tiny blue creatures and science as this text will cover. Finally, in the 2011 movie, Smurfette or Schtroumpfette is voiced by I Kissed a Girl popular singer Katy Perry (who since went from jade black to golden blond locks).

Abstract and Digital Art

Abstract art is open to interpretation and free from confinement by rational limitations. Digital art is in that sense less controversial, in that it originated during the 1990s and 2000s or the Internet connection era, and has been noticed to evolve at high speed. Notwithstanding, today’s digital art symbolizes both the technological changes to lifestyles, and that some elements remain unchanged regardless of the circumstances.

Art dates back to times of prehistoric cavern paintings, so it is understandable that art comes in many forms and kinds. The images below center on an animated, cartooned businessman, digital, abstract art and graphics.


Sketch drawings of natural scenery

Sketching is a form of drawing, usually used to express that a depiction represents a first draft, or is rough or unfinished. Below are some sketches portraying Elves – the magical creatures of the fantasy art world.

Sketches or sketch drawings consist of unfinished, rough or preliminary drawings. Sketching is usually achieved using graphite, charcoal and ink. The following images represent landscapes and other elements of nature. Such drawings are commonly in black and white (grayscale), done with pencils, graphite or pen. Collections of pictures can represent sketches of nature landscapes (ocean, shore,  rocky ocean and sea shore, mountains, fields and forests, prairies and steppe paysages as part of landscape paintings. A fantasy art style sketch drawing of a river shore can also be seen, as well as lakes and other bodies of water.


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