Les sciences en France (18e-19e siècles)

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Les sciences (fin XVIIIe – début XIXe siècle) Cette période est celle de l’émergence d’une pensée scientifique nouvelle, en liaison étroite avec les phénomènes révolutionnaires. Dès la paix civile revenue, un grand effort de mobilisation de l’élite scientifique et de propagation des connaissance est entrepris.


Dial M for Meteorology

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Dial M for Meteorology Call a 900 number to get good weather information – for a fee. (History of meteorology, situation in the 90s). People planning vacations or business trips and who need accurate weather reports and forecasts for their travel destinations can turn to 900-number hotlines, the best of which are sponsored by the […]

spectrum of light

Spectrum of Light

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Spectrum of Light The spectrum runs from high frequencies of visible light to low ones – violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (light is a wave motion; its frequency is the number of wave crests, say, entering a detection instrument, such as a retina, in a given unite of time, such as a second. […]

powerpoint presentation

Powerpoint Presentation

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Powerpoint Presentation Steve Jobs outlined once a number or principles that should be followed. These include the number of word you have on each slide. Jobs explained that the word count should be limited to fifty words maximum, but this does not include extra text, such as sources. This practice will help you to be […]

old science

Old Science

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Old Science When one looks at science from a historical perspective, it can be said that science has not always followed a linear path of development. For example, if one draws a diagram of scientific development, one can see that a lot more technological progress has been achieved in the last hundred or so years […]

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