Truth About Kennedy

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Treason All the Truth About Kennedy and His Assassination Contents: Prologue Chapter 1: Reality.Everything disappears. Disappears without leaving a trace. That is the true essence of reality. (Anelina de Piola, Argentinian writer).1 – 1. Mary and Vadim 1 – 2. Vadim and Gleb 3. A Walk 4. Vadim and Viktor 5. The Beach 6. The […]

1-2. Vadim and Gleb

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1 – 2. Vadim and Gleb Moscow. December 12, 1991. – Why me, comrade colonel? – Let’s refrain from stupid questions. – It is not a stupid question. I need to know which criteria were used to choose precisely me. – Languages. Interest in politics. Indifference to luxury. Diligence. Disregard of others. – In that […]

1 -1. Mary and Vadim

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1 – 1. Mary and Vadim Portugal, South shore. March 7, 2004. One o’clock in the morning. Our charter flight arrived late. It’s chilly, dark, uncomfortable. A small line for customs goes by fast, the Portuguese care a lot about tourists. A young man holding a sign is our guide. We head towards him. The […]

Prologue. Acquaintance

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Prologue. Acquaintance. He had always been afraid of his own memories before he met Mary. Not because life with her was peaceful, tender and without problems. No, of course not. But it is with Mary that he learned to enjoy life and be in awe of its wonders. And now, looking at Mary sleeping, at […]


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Treason Prologue The Oasis was bound for La Habana, two days out of Colon, when the storm began. Few of the passengers got on the deck to watch the tumultuous sea. But George, who’d paid all his savings for the cruise, wanted Nadia to understand he was a man with courage. Yes, he’d told her […]

Kennedy – Gangsters

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Inside the hotel’s foyer two tough gangsters hid behind the sagging door. Each in his own shadowy corner, they pressed against the crumbling whitewashed walls, keeping an eye to the cracks. It figures he would show up now, said the first one. I was just going to take a break. The other snorted: A break? […]

lindsay first meeting


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Lindsay Meet Lindsay (Lindsay first meeting), she is a wonderful young woman with depression. She struggles with her job and people in her immediate environment. The short text is written in a simple and easy to understand language and relates the day-to-day life of the protagonist. Lindsay. Chapter 1 Lindsay. Chapter 2 Lindsay. Chapter 3 […]

Lindsay - chapter 1

Lindsay – Chapter 1

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Lindsay – Chapter 1 She sat calmly on the bench, contemplating the wonders of nature. The day was beautiful, it was mid-July, warm and sunny. Lindsay loved and appreciated the summer, as do many people, especially Northerners. She had lived in Canada for over 10 years, but was still unaccustomed to the cold winters, even though […]

lindsay - chapter 2

Lindsay – Chapter 2

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Lindsay – Chapter 2 Lindsay felt lonely. The kind of loneliness the heartbroken feel. The kind of loneliness a person feels even when surrounded by friends and family but still lovesick, and missing the object of their desire and affection. Many believe that only pets can give unconditional love and affection, yet many believe in true […]

Lindsay - chpater 3

Lindsay – Chapter 3

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Lindsay – Chapter 3 In order to not confuse the reader, Lindsay had guy friends, but they were mostly guys who wanted more than friendship, like Martin. Lindsay didn’t trust any of them because she considered their friendship fake. False pretense friendship or fair-weather acquaintances at best. Sometimes she fantasized about meeting someone new and give […]

lindsay - chapter 4

Lindsay – Chapter 4

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Lindsay – Chapter 4 She invited Martin in and discovered he brought some good wine. He always had a gift for her. If only she liked him in a romantic way, they could form a magnificent and happy couple. But she didn’t. Martin was an engineer at the beginning of his career, while Patrick was a […]

lindsay chapter 5

Lindsay – Chapter 5

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Lindsay – Chapter 5 Lindsay sat on her couch and turned on the TV. They had watched a couple of movies, but she far preferred TV shows. She felt bored and all of a sudden started to cry. She was beginning to realize that her life was not at all what she hoped for herself when […]

Lindsay - chapter 6

Lindsay – Chapter 6

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Lindsay – Chapter 6 Saturday, Lindsay cried herself to sleep on the couch. The next morning, Sunday, was equally depressing: it was raining and cold, despite being a summer day. She had been diagnosed with depression months earlier, but she refused to take antidepressant medication. She did not believe it could help her and she was […]

Lindsay - chapter 7

Lindsay – Chapter 7

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Lindsay – Chapter 7 Depression is difficult for everyone who suffers from it. Called MDD or Major Depressive Disorder in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) published by the APA (American Psychiatric Association), it is a debilitating mental illness. People often think that depression is simply feeling blue, but it’s so much more than that. First, […]

Lindsay - chapter 8

Lindsay – Chapter 8

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Lindsay – Chapter 8 Lindsay started crying again. She was quite unstable lately. She wondered if she should listen to her doctor and take antidepressants. But then she remembered that all medication had side effects. She also knew that some medication reducing anxiety was addictive. She was afraid of that too. In her younger years she […]

Lindsay - chapteer 9

Lindsay – Chapter 9

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Lindsay – Chapter 9 Lindsay was feeling more and more depressed, so she turned to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The academic literature praises the therapy and shows that in conjunction with antidepressant medication, CBT is more effective at fighting depression than medication alone. CBT rests on the premise that our thoughts influence our emotions. Thus, the […]

lindsay - chapter 10

Lindsay – Chapter 10

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Lindsay – Chapter 10 Lindsay wanted to go back to school, but she had no idea what subject to take. She had graduated in Fine Arts, but that did not lead her to a job. Sometimes, it seemed to her that all employers wanted was references and experience. However, she had neither. She had had a […]

lindsacy - chapter 11

Lindsay – Chapter 11

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Lindsay – Chapter 11 Lindsay woke up at 7:30. She always woke up early, even on Sundays and falling back asleep seemed impossible. She considered that to be a positive thing, since that meant that waking up at 6:00 would be an easier transition if she finally found a job. She lived in a big city […]

Lindsay - chapter 12

Lindsay – Chapter 12

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Lindsay – Chapter 12 Lindsay’s efforts were rewarded as she found a job. The job was far from what she hoped for since she wanted to be an executive assistant and instead found a job as a waitress. However, at least she found a job and could now begin to pay her bills on her own. […]

Lindsay chapter 14

Lindsay – Chapter 14

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Lindsay – Chapter 14 Lindsay liked her first job in many years. She had finally found employment after a very long search. She sent out so many resumes and had passed so many interviews that she had almost given up. She even tried to be a grocery clerk despite having a bachelor degree. But they didn’t […]

Lindsay - chapter 15

Lindsay – Chapter 15

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Lindsay – Chapter 15 Today was a holiday, Lindsay did not have to work. Lindsay woke up at six in the morning and could not go back to sleep. She stayed in bed until ten. When she finally got up, she wondered why she just laid there thinking negative thoughts. Her problems kept weighting her down, […]

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