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Truth About Kennedy


All the Truth About Kennedy and His Assassination


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Reality.Everything disappears. Disappears without leaving a trace. That is the true essence of reality. (Anelina de Piola, Argentinian writer).1 – 1. Mary and Vadim
    1 – 2. Vadim and Gleb
    3. A Walk
    4. Vadim and Viktor
    5. The Beach
    6. The Meeting
    7. The Beach (continued)


1-2. Vadim and Gleb

1 – 2. Vadim and Gleb

Moscow. December 12, 1991.

– Why me, comrade colonel?
– Let’s refrain from stupid questions.
– It is not a stupid question. I need to know which criteria were used to choose precisely me.
– Languages. Interest in politics. Indifference to luxury. Diligence. Disregard of others.
– In that order?
– No. In oder of recall. I may be forgetting something.
– “Disregard of others”? What are you talking about? I never noticed anything like that about myself.
– What does it have to do with you? What’s important is that some intelligent people noticed… (more…)

1 -1. Mary and Vadim

1 – 1. Mary and Vadim

Portugal, South shore. March 7, 2004.

One o’clock in the morning. Our charter flight arrived late. It’s chilly, dark, uncomfortable.

A small line for customs goes by fast, the Portuguese care a lot about tourists.

A young man holding a sign is our guide. We head towards him.

The young man spends half an hour looking for spring vacationers, who no longer think straight after waiting two hours for the flight to leave Moscow and another four hours spent in flight. Average class, average age, average prices, average hassles… (more…)

Prologue. Acquaintance

Prologue. Acquaintance.

He had always been afraid of his own memories before he met Mary. Not because life with her was peaceful, tender and without problems. No, of course not.

But it is with Mary that he learned to enjoy life and be in awe of its wonders. And now, looking at Mary sleeping, at her dark brown hair, with grey hair touchingly covered with layers of hair dye, he realized just how much of his own existence depended on this woman.

She was the only witness of his presence in the world, the only proof that he really was born, and after his birth continued living; that he continued living despite feeling that he was a small, dry, taken a bite of and mouldy piece of bread in a dump of leftovers and stumps covering the planet; a dump that no one cares about. (more…)




The Oasis was bound for La Habana, two days out of Colon, when the storm began. Few of the passengers got on the deck to watch the tumultuous sea. But George, who’d paid all his savings for the cruise, wanted Nadia to understand he was a man with courage.

Yes, he’d told her this morning while they stood near the lifeboats and watched the waves, I wouldn’t miss it. And when Nadia had pointed out that the storm would be too dangerous to stay on the deck, he’d added smoothly that it wasn’t quite the same to peer through the window…

She had hinted she’d like to join him. Nadia had been beautiful in the starlight, and George’s heart had pumped ferociously, bringing back memories of his thirties… a time of passion and romance… (more…)

Kennedy – Gangsters

Inside the hotel’s foyer two tough gangsters hid behind the sagging door. Each in his own shadowy corner, they pressed against the crumbling whitewashed walls, keeping an eye to the cracks.

It figures he would show up now, said the first one. I was just going to take a break.

The other snorted: A break? What do you need a break for? We’ve just been standing here all morning long.

I need to go to the bathroom, the first gangster said. (more…)



Meet Lindsay, she is a wonderful young woman with depression. She struggles with her job and people in her immediate environment. The short text is written in a simple and easy to understand language and relates the day-to-day life of the protagonist.


Lindsay. Crédit photo : Megan Jorgensen

Lindsay – Chapter 1

Lindsay – Chapter 1

She sat calmly on the bench, contemplating the wonders of nature. The day was beautiful, it was mid-July, warm and sunny. Lindsay loved and appreciated the summer, as do many people, especially Northerners. She had lived in Canada for over 10 years, but was still unaccustomed to the cold winters, even though she came from a country that had cold winters too. She was born in London, United Kingdom. (more…)

Lindsay – Chapter 2

Lindsay – Chapter 2

Lindsay felt lonely. The kind of loneliness the heartbroken feel. The kind of loneliness a person feels even when surrounded by friends and family but still lovesick, and missing the object of their desire and affection. Many believe that only pets can give unconditional love and affection, yet many believe in true love. True love is very hard to find because in the game of life, very often love goes unrequited. Lindsay didn’t want to believe that, despite all evidence to the contrary. She saw a movie once, and the protagonist said “you always love the person who loves you”. Nonetheless, in the real world, things are often quite contrary and people reject those who love them and seek the unattainable. (more…)

Lindsay – Chapter 3

Lindsay – Chapter 3

In order to not confuse the reader, Lindsay had guy friends, but they were mostly guys who wanted more than friendship, like Martin. Lindsay didn’t trust any of them because she considered their friendship fake. False pretense friendship or fair-weather acquaintances at best. Sometimes she fantasized about meeting someone new and give up her fruitless pursuit of Patrick, but it’s not like she could attend a social function with a guy friend and meet a new guy that way. She was too well-mannered for that. Or maybe just too shy. (more…)

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