Major Depressive Disorder - MDD

Major Depressive Disorder – MDD

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Depression (Major Depressive Disorder – MDD) Depression is the term commonly given to the mental illness with the medical name Major Depressive Disorders. Symptoms and diagnostic criteria are included in the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – Fifth Version, published by the American Psychiatric Association or APA).

drugs of abuse

Drugs of Abuse

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Drugs of Abuse and What They Do Cocaine use is down since the mid-1980s. Marijuana use is off, too, although millions still smoke it. Amphetamines: Often called speed or uppers. What it does: Speeds up physical and mental processes. Visible signs of use: Weight loss, dilated pupils, insomnia, irritability, trembling. Long-term effects: Paranoia, extreme weight […]

nicotine habit

Nicotine: Extinguishing Your Habit

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Extinguishing Your Habit Are nicotine patches and nicotine gum an easy way to quit smoking? The patch may offer hope to the four out of five American smokers who would like to extinguish their habit. Some one billion dollars’ worth of the bandage-like transdermal patches have been sold since they were approved by the Food […]


Unvarnished Look at Steroids

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An Unvarnished Look at Steroids Testosterone boosters have a place, but it’s not on the playing fields Taking steroids to build muscle and improve athletic performance is a dangerous habit for hundreds of thousands of young people. The nation’s leading experts on the subject explain the risks.


Prosac’s Can and Can’t Do Powers

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Prozac’s Can and Can’t-Do Powers The drug doesn’t alter personality, it relieves depression So many claims have been made for Prozac’s powers that its reputation as a wonder drug is hardly surprising. We put some of those claims into perspective here:


Weapons Against Sneezes

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Weapons Against Sneezes Good news for those who sniffle through the pollen season Spring is when young hearts turn to love, goes the adage, but for as many as 1 in 10 Americans, spring marks the start of the dreaded hay fever season. The airborne pollens that wreak all the havoc are less than the […]


Power of a pill

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Pain-killers: The power of a pill Scientists keep discovering new benefits of this common painkiller “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning” has long been doctors’ advice for headaches and minor pains. But a profusion of recent research shows that the painkiller that’s been used for more than 80 years may be good […]


Outlook for Prescriptions

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The Outlook for Prescriptions Mail-order suppliers are one of the few ways to fight rising costs Political power, declared Chairman Mao, comes from the barrel of a gun. Political clout has even been known to keep prescription drug prices down temporarily. But as the Clinton administration discovered when it tried to jawbone down drug prices, […]

clinical trials

Primer On Clinical Trials

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A Primer On Clinical Trials How to join one, and how to keep their purpose in perspective Participating in a medical experiment isn’t for everything. Hopefully, you’ll never need to join one. Ut if you or a family member is sick with a life-threatening disease, a clinical trial program may be well worth considering. As […]

blood bank

Playing It Safe at Blood Banks

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Playing It Safe at Blood Banks The risk has some doctors advising patients t be their own donors For those who need a blood transfusion during surgery, it can be very reassuring to bank and use your own blood or have a family member with a compatible blood type be your donor. In fact, some […]

prostate cancer

Detecting Prostate Cancer

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If You Are a Man Over 40, Listen Up Detecting prostate cancer is becoming easier, thanks to the PSA test Nearly a quarter million men develop prostate cancer each year, making it one of the most common cancers in men. The disease claims 40,000 lives annually because of difficulties in detecting the illness early. But […]

breast cancer

Breast Cancer

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Brest Cancer’s Facts of Life Mammography remains a key to defending against the decease Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among American women. According to the American Cancer Society, 180,000 American women develop breast cancer each year, and 46,000 die of the disease annually. Although more women now die of lung cancer, […]

american hospitals

When Your Life Depends On It

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American Hospitals: When Your Life Depends On It Where you are treated is often critical to recovery from an illness Whether it’s fine clothes or a new car, a great kitchen or where your child attends college, “only the best” is a standard that many aspire to but few can afford. Fortunately, there are plenty […]


Getting the Most from HMOs

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Getting the Most from HMOs Health maintenance plans require you to be an activist about health The age of the Health Maintenance Organization or HMO is well upon us, but savvy information on how to use one is hard to come by. Here come some answers to some critical questions for consumers:

health care

Health Care in a New Age

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Doctors and Medicine: Health Care in a New Age Expect more information, more choices, and more tough decisions Efforts to remake the health care system may seem to have filtered in Washington, but beyond the Beltway there is a fundamental shift occurring in the way in which Americans get their health care. For the average […]

anorexia and bulimia

Anorexia and Bulimia

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When Food Is an Agony Understanding anorexia nervosa and bulimia and overcoming them Anorexia and bulimia… Perusing the pages of any fashion magazine, a reader is reminded that, more than ever: “thin is in.” These magazines echo the values of popular culture, speaking to women loud and clear: It is not enough to strive toward […]

kids and vegetarianism

Kids and Vegetarianism

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Kids and Vegetarianism: When Kids Don’t Like Meat Vegetarianism poses a special nutritional challenge in the young Kids and vegetarianism – Of the 15 million (or so) Americans who consider themselves vegetarians, no one knows how many have yet to celebrate their 21st birthday. Experts say, however, that adolescents make up the fastest-growing group of […]

physical development

Physical Development in Adolescents

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Physical Development: The Body’s Wonder Years Most teens will probably tell you that “normal adolescent development” is an oxymoron. But despite the awkwardness that goes with the change from child to adult, the transition is usually a predictable one.

child's hyperactivity

Child’s Hyperactivity

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Beyond Just Fidgety Identifying and coping with a child’s hyperactivity Mental health experts estimate that as many as one in 33 school-age children has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial in preventing a child from struggling both academically and socially. Here, Doctor Larry Silver, director of training in child […]

Kid's Shots

Calendar for Kid’s Shots

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Calendar for Kid’s Shots The experts finally agree on an immunization schedule For years, federal health officials at the Centers for Disease Control recommended a childhood immunization schedule that was followed in public health clinics, while the American Academy of Pediatrics put out a different one that was used widely by private practitioners. Now the […]

newborn's weight

Newborn’s Weight

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Sizing Up the New Arrival A newborn’s weight cannot be used to predict a child’s future size. Ask any parent what she or he remembers from the birth of a first child and one of the first details likely to be recalled is the baby’s birth weight and height. What is to be made of […]

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