office romance

The Rise of the Office Romance

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The Rise of the Office Romance Old rules about dating co-workers are giving way to new realities Ask a couple of our times where they were when Cupid’s arrow struck and chances are they’ll say the office. We’ve become very work-centered, so the reality is that the workplace is now one of our primary meeting […]

art of flirting

The Fine Art of Flirting

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The Fine Art of Flirting It’s not how gorgeous you are, but how you play the game She bats her eyelashes and smiles coyly. He throws back his head as he laughs loudly. Their eyes meet. A pattern as old as the story of Adame and Eve has commenced. It’s the flirting game. Scientists who […]

most popular names

Most Popular Names

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Jennifer, Meet Juliette The Most popular names: The names favored are sturdy and family-orientated The philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, “He who can pronounce my name alright, he can call me, and is entitled to my love and service.” The name David means “the beloved one, and is a perennial favorite. Thoreau had little […]

baby boom

Sequels to the Baby Boom

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Sequels to the Baby Boom Birth rates are off for women i their twenties, but not for older women Thinking about having a baby? For most women the decision has never been more complicated. The social, medical, and economic trends that have led to later marriages, greater job opportunities, and career pressures for women, easier […]

fashionable face

Fashionable Face Through the Ages

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The Fashionable Face Through the Ages From the Rubenesque beauties of ages past to the Twiggy Look of the 1960s, culture has always had a profound effect on how one perceives beauty. Never before, however, have people had the range of opportunities to physically reinvent themselves to reflect those shifting ideals, particularly in the area […]

facial implants

Tinkering with Mother Nature

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Tinkering with Mother Nature Facial implants and chemical peels have joined tummy tucks and nose jobs in the panoply of cosmetic procedures that appearance-conscious Americans are resorting to in increasing numbers. The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons provides this guide to today’s most-elected interventions with nature.

makeup mistakes

Ten Biggest Makeup Mistakes

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The Ten Biggest Makeup Mistakes One of the most celebrated makeup artist explains where women err Thanks to his work for leading fashion magazines, makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin has been described by Mirabella magazine as a key influence in shaping “the look of women in the Nineties.” In his best-selling book, The Art of Makeup, […]


Peeling Away the Marks of Age

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Peeling Away the Marks of Age Alpha-hydroxies help smooth aging skin, but they leave you red-faced As aging baby boomers continue to battle against laugh lines and crow’s feet, sales of the latest product to off-set the effects of aging have grown to $300 million annually. Known as Alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHAs, the wrinkle-fighters are […]


Uses of Retin-A

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The Many Uses of Retin-A It helps fight acne, but the returns aren’t in on cancer treatment Unlike Dorian Gray’s temporarily flattering yet ultimately gruesome portrait, Retin-A has been shown in many tests to offset the effects of aging without causing diabolic side effects. Here, Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, who heads the Clinical Research Department of […]


Warning to Sunbathers

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A Warning to Sunbathers Being sun smart means knowing your SPFs It’s hard to pinpoint when America went around the bend in worshiping the bronzed god, but Hollywood no doubt bears a large measure of blame. Even before the movies went Technicolor and George Hamilton and Annette Funicello could prove by their antics that the […]

breakdown free

Keeping Your Car Breakdown Free

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Keeping Your Car Breakdown Free With the average cost of a new car over $25,000, maintenance is crucial Cars just aren’t made the way they used to be. Thanks to Total Quality Management, they’re made better. But not even the most demanding of automakers has figured out a way to keep a car running if […]

highway driving

Highway Driving

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Highway Driving Hurry Up and Get There Speed limits are up in most states – cruising speeds are up even more. “America is a country that doesn’t know where it is going but is determined to set a speed record getting there”, quipped Laurence J. Peter, author of The Peter Principle, in 1977. Peter was […]

retail seasons

Retail Seasons

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Retail Seasons: Sales Make the World Go ‘Round For every retail item, there’s a season. White sales big on Columbus Day and silverware sales flourish in the June wedding season. Here’s when the following items are likely to go on sale across the United States.

dates to celebrate

Dates to celebrate

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Dates to celebrate The stories behind the days when you can skip school or work Merchants like holidays because they provide a good shopping opportunity. Greeting-card makers want to invent special occasions when they don’t exist. The religious faithful take their Holy Days seriously. And those who need a break cheer at the prospect of […]

mineral minder

Mineral Minder

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The Mineral Minder Minerals help your body form bones, regulate the heart, and synthesize enzymes, but experts say too many, or too few, can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer. Here are the FDA’s daily values and where to get them.


Importance of Calcium

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The Importance of Calcium You probably need a lot more than you’re getting Most Americans don’t meet the recommended dietary allowances for calcium intake set by the National Research Council. What’s more, the NRC’s calcium standards are themselves too low and are likely to be revised in the next three years, experts believe. In fact, […]

vitamin shelf

Vitamin Shelf

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Vitamin Shelf Your body needs vitamins to form blood cells, build strong bones, and regulate the nervous system, but it can’t generate them on its own. Here are the FDA’s daily values for essential vitamins and the food that contain them.

vegetable vim

Vegetable Vim and Vigor

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Vegetable Vim and Vigor The potency of antioxidants is only just becoming appreciated Imagine what life would be like without color. Sports cars wouldn’t be red, denim wouldn’t be blue, and spinach wouldn’t be green. And if the chemicals that make most vegetables green weren’t around, you’d be likely to find yourself a lot more […]

cholesterol testing

Do-It-Yourself Cholesterol Testing

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Do-It-Yourself Cholesterol Testing and Myths About Fat Home test kits provide results but following the directions is essential Home test kits for diabetes, pregnancy, and ovulation have been joined on the market by do-t-i-yourself kits for testing blood cholesterol levels. The first cholesterol self-test kit was introduced by Johnson & Johnson under the trade name […]

cholesterol primer

Colesterol Primer

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Cholesterol Primer Keep an eye on the lipoproteins and you’ll keep your arteries clear If you’re confused about the difference between “good” and “bad” cholesterol, you have lots of company. Here, Dr. Dearing Johns, a cardiologist at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, explains how the biochemistry of cholesterol works and what the tests […]

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