peinture en france

Peinture en France au 19e siècle

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La peinture en France jusqu’en 1860 Avec la Restaurantion s’amorce une diversification de l’inspiration picturale, qui se poursuit au début du Second Empire mais qui reste figurative jusque vers 1860.

theatre du rideau vert

Tips on Writing Essays

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Tips on Writing Essays Most college and undergraduate courses require writing essays. In general, instructors will give detailed guidelines on what they expect in a term paper. Some essays, such as those in political science classes, tend to be more argumentative in scope, and thus require an approach that proves (or argues) a position with […]

Magic Ananda, Art and Perception

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Magic Ananda, Art and Perception Magic Ananda is an artistic project specializing in ceramics made with White clay. What started as a hobby in the year 2000 has morphed into a passion for beauty and improvement that is that is currently guiding us to share our art with the Word. The project combines the utilitarian […]


What’s in a Rock

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What’s in a Rock Gemstones : Using the Four C’s to size up a gemstone If you`ve considered following in the footsteps of Bluebeard or the Queen Mother by sinking your assets into gemstones, you probably already know that not all gems of a certain type are equal, or even particularly valuable. Dealers may use […]



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Flatland Let us imagine we inhabit a strange country where everyone is perfectly flat. Following Edwin Abbott, a Shakespearean scholar who lived in Victorian England, we call it Flatland. Some of us are squares, some are triangles, some have more complex shapes. We scurry about, in and out of our flat buildings, occupied with our […]



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Fashion Fashions fade, style is eternal – Yves Saint Laurent Fashion, style and glamor need no introduction. After all, looking one’s best may even help in making friends, securing successful outcomes at interviews and gaining credibility, according to social psychologists. The fashion world is one of glamour and beauty. However, fashion trends can also be […]

hair styles

Magic, Hair Styles and Fashion

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Magic, Hair Styles and Fashion Common knowledge dictates that fashion changes overtime. Most designers produce separate collections for every season. Interestingly enough, make-up and hair styles also follow la mode (French). For example, characteristic anime and manga hair is easily recognizable in drawings and other illustrations, while hair color has become bolder with pink, purple […]



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Relationships Love is at the heart, no pun intended, of most songs and rare are those movies without some sort of love story. While romantic comedies certainly center on relationships, even the most action packed thriller will customarily involve a love interest of some sorts. But what about real life?

essay writing tips

Essay Writing Tips

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Essay Writing Tips To write an essay, it’s important to first decide what is the purpose of said essay. Some essays are argumentative, others informative. For example, an essay written in a political science course is likely to be argumentative, while one written in psychology is more likely to be informative. Also, it’s important to […]

video games

Video Games

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Video Games With the advent of computers not only efficiency during working hours has increased, but likewise leisure time was diversified. Individuals now could spend hours at a time playing a video game that virtually transported them into an online, multiuser, shared, and in a way implicitly agreed on, reality, such as the one in […]


Sleep: Art and Science

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Sleep: Art and Science Art can take many forms: music, animation, literature, photography, design, painting, drawing and other illustrative or visual fine arts… the list goes on and on. But what about scientific endeavors? Science is usually recognized, among other signs, by its methodology (the rigorous scientific method), the replicability of results and theories supported […]

bright colors

Art: Bright Colors and Gradients

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Art: Bright Colors and Gradients Art classes often start in elementary school, while creative activities are introduced in kindergarten. However, there is hardly a limit to how technical and advanced drawing, graphic design and other visual arts can become. For example, Autodesk is a computer software publisher producing such programs as AutoCAD, used in architecture […]

deutsch rap

Deutsch Rap

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Deutsch Rap Rap and hip hop music have from their inception been full of controversy. Nonetheless, the present short article is intended as informative only, without presenting for and against arguments associated with the genre. As expected, the style has been adopted, and adapted, by different cultures across the world. Thus, today one can easily […]

women over thirty

Women Over Thirty

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Women Over Thirty A very common topic of discussion in relationships and dating refers to age. Interestingly enough, very often there is a fairly biased, even sexist approach to men and women getting older. For example, men are often considered more manly and attractive once they reach 40 years old, while women, depending on who […]



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Weddings Second weddings: When both the bride and groom have been married before, they usually pay for most of a simple wedding celebration themselves (it’s a wonder how appealing simplicity looks from that perspective). If only the groom has been previously married, than the bride’s family usually hosts a celebration akin to that of a […]

visual arts

Visual Arts

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Visual Arts What is art? Art is a very debated concept. Some people are quite confused, maybe even offended by what is believed to be art. For example, a lot of art is controversial. Visual art comes in many forms. From photography, fantasy and graphic art, to painting, sculpting, drawing, animation and so on. The […]

dating strategy

Dating Strategy

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Dating Strategy Most people want companionship, and ultimately, to find the love of their life or at least the right person. Not everyone is content to settle with Mr. (or Mrs.) Right Now and are looking for Mr. (or Mrs.) Right. However, the endeavour can be a complicated one. Many people complain that dating is […]

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