Black Creek Pioneer Village

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Black Creek Pioneer Village allows you to travel back in time. It is more than a collection of buildings and artifacts. In Black Creek Pioneer Village, visitors become immersed in the customs, lifestyles and surroundings of early residents of Canada, who built the foundations for modern Toronto and Ontario at the typical crossroads community village found in the Toronto area during the 1800’s.

This open-air heritage museum was opened in 1960, and it can be seen just west of York University and southeast of the Jane and Steeles intersection. The village overlooks Black Creek, a tributary of the Humber River.

The Black Creek Pioneer Village is a regular destination for field trips by schoolchildren from the Greater Toronto Area. The museum is operated by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

B. Napier Simpson, Jr. (1925-1978), a restoration architect in Ontario devoted his professional life to raising public awareness of the importance of heritage conservation including the Black Creek Pioneer Village project. Here you can find over 110 photographs of the Black Creek Pioneer Village which may awaken your interest to visit it.

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