iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases

iPhone cases and skins based on interactive artwork by Megan Jorgensen, a famous iPhone cases artist

iPhone cases and skins art is a new form of painting and illustrative art that. It is produced usually paint apps such as Brushes, Poser and ArtRage.

iPhone art evolved from wall-mounted displays in galleries and museums, but it has its own characteristics due to the portability and small dimensions of the material support (meaning the case). This miniature form of art is currently booming and many ancient well-known “chef-d’oeuvres” are being adapted to the iPhone.

Some of the first iPhone artists have already become famous, and some of them have held art exhibits with art made exclusively on iPhones.

An internationally acclaimed artist  Megan Jorgensen is one of the rising stars of this new industry, as she sells hundreds of her artworks, many of which have become bestsellers. She believes, iPhone art may pose a threat to traditional gallery distribution of digital art because individual artist can distribute created images directly to the general public without working through a gallery dealer.

To see all Megan Jorgenson iPhone Art Images go here:

Here are some of Award winning iPhone Art images by © Megan Jorgensen:

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