Artistic Endeavours

Artistic Endeavours

Being Megan Jorgensen, I’m always looking for something that tells me a little bit about what it means to be human. That’s how I measure the success of any artistic endeavor. And I always remember that success in any endeavor requires single-minded attention to detail and total concentration.



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Aside from being a literary and movie genre, fantasy is also a type of art – fantasy art. In films and books, fantasy represents imaginary worlds, with many magic and other surreal elements. Such mythical fiction has captivated the minds of many throughout human history.

In television, in 2011 alone, many shows appeared or continued to run (Merlin, Once Upon a Time, The Legend of the Seeker and Camelot). Interstingly, the legend surrounding Morgan or Morgana le Fay, Merlin (the famous illusionist and witch, and wizard, respectively), King Arthur, Excalibur (enchanted sword predestined to belong to the true ruler of England) and, last but not least, the Lady of the Lake.

Pictures of Fictional Characters

Among all other areas, computers and the Internet have transformed art. Conséquente, digital or cyber art has appeared. Interestingly, animation has likewise undergone alteration, with 3D fascinating the public all over gain. Along these lines, the images below represent electronic depictions of some novel fictional characters.

Further, more images can be found on the artwork thematic index, while 2D and 3D animated movies are subdivided into cartoons and animations. Briefly, 2D and 3D differ mainly in shading, 2Ds seem more flat, since corresponding shades are applied on an all-or-nothing basis, similar to the functioning of a neuron. Conversely, 3D (aside from the three-dimensional entertainment effect achieved with special glasses) employ a gradient of color to render light.

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